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Budget Inventory Digital Download


The budget inventory template for download to use on your electronic device or print out for use. It is an excerpt of the Budget Workbook provided by Project 3.9.10 Budgeting. This tool should be used to help you with your budget. You can track all of your expenses on these documents to determine how much money you spend per category. It is a great way to determine if you can add or if you should cut back on certain items.


This budget workbook mentioned previously is a product of Project 3.9.10 Budgeting Ministry from Dr. Khalilah Burton. Project 3.9.10 Budgeting is inspired by Proverbs 3:9-10. It was created to encourage people to develop an operating budget that works for their lifestyle with the intent to save, give, eliminate debt, and live a life of peace knowing their finances are in order.


The Budget Workbook is tagged as budgeting God's way because the goal and thread of this product is financial stewardship with the intent to keep honoring God and order at the focus.

Budgeting is scary, but this step by step workbook helps you organize your money, set goals, and steward over your hard earned money.

Budget Inventory

Excluding Sales Tax
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